The Craft Beer Attraction

Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans have recently arrived in the wonderful world of craft beer. Over the past 5 years, the Newfoundland Labrador Artisanal and Craft Beer Club (NLACBC) has brought over 250 examples of the finest crafting of beer from around the world to quench the thirst of the over 4,200 club members in the province. Many more new to the province beers are presented at this Craft Beer Attraction. A few will be sold in NLC stores following the event so as to continue to meet craft beer consumers expectations.

2017 Beer List

BreweryBeerStyleABVIBU50 mlBottleNLCEvent(s)
8 Wired BrewingGrand Cru (2015)Sour Ale9.00%02 tokens21 tokensNoGrand
8 Wired BrewingFlat WhiteMilk Stout5.50%02 tokens15 tokensNoGrand
8 Wired BrewingMighty Imperial AleStrong Ale11.00%752 tokens15 tokensNoGrand
Big Spruce BrewingCereal KillerOatmeal Stout5.40%281 tokenNoNoGrand
Big Spruce BrewingTim's DirtyAmerican IPA6.50%771 tokenNoNoGrand
Big Spruce BrewingBitter Get'er IndiaBlack IPA6.60%1241 tokenNoNoGrand
Big Spruce BrewingKitchen Party Pale AleEnglish Pale Ale5.80%331 tokenNoNoGrand
BrewDogPunk IPAAmerican IPA5.60%451 tokenNoYesGrand
The BrueryAutumn MaplePumpkin Yam Beer10.00%152 tokens24 tokensNoGrand
The BrueryOude TartFlanders Red Ale7.50%02 tokens28 tokensNoGrand
The BruerySaison RueSaison8.50%302 tokens25 tokensNoGrand
Microbrasserie CharlevoixBelgian IPABelgian IPA6.00%01 token9 tokensNoGrand
Microbrasserie CharlevoixSour French KissSour Ale4.50%01 token9 tokensNoGrand
Birrificio De DucatoNew MorningSaison5.80%02 tokens10 tokensNoGrand
Birrificio De DucatoLuna RossaSour Ale8.00%02 tokens15 tokensNoGrand
Birrificio De DucatoVerdi Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout8.20%02 tokens11 tokensNoGrand
County Road Beer Co.Biere de MarsSour Ale5.50%172 tokens19 tokensNoGrand
County Road Beer Co.SaisonSaisonTBDTBD1 token19 tokensNoGrand
County Road Beer Co.Cherry GoseGose5.00%01 token19 tokensNoGrand
Dieu Du CielSolstice dEte (Framboises)Berliner Weisse Sour5.90%01 tokenNoNoGrand
Dieu Du CielDernier VolonteBelgian IPA7.00%251 tokenNoNoGrand
Brasserie DunhamAssemblage Numero 1American Wild Ale5.50%371 tokenNoNoGrand
Brasserie DunhamJane Doe 6American Wild Ale6.50%01 tokenNoNo
Brasserie DunhamSaison CassisFruit Beer6.50%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Epic BrewingBig Bad BaptistAmerican Imperial Stout12.10%652 tokens25 tokensNoGrand
Epic BrewingBrainless RaspberriesFruit Beer9.30%122 tokens23 tokensNoGrand
ErdingerErdinger WeissbierHefeweizen5.30%01 token9 tokensYesGrand
ErdingerErdinger DunkelDunkelweizen5.30%01 token9 tokensYesGrand
Flying Monkeys BreweryJuicy Ass IPAAmerican IPA6.50%691 token8 tokensNoGrand
Flying Monkeys BreweryHoptical IllusionAmerican Pale Ale5.00%321 token8 tokensNoGrand
Flying Monkeys Brewery12 Minutes to DestinyFruit Beer4.10%01 token8 tokensNoGrand
Flying Monkeys BreweryMythologyPilsner5.30%241 token8 tokensNoGrand
Garrison BrewingNut BrownEnglish Brown Ale5.00%201 tokenNoYesGrand
Garrison BrewingRise N' SteinHefeweizen5.50%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Garrison BrewingIrish RedIrish Red Ale5.00%201 tokenNoNoGrand
Garrison BrewingHoney LavenderSpiced / Herb6.50%151 tokenNoYesGrand
Garrison BrewingImperial IPAImperial IPA8.00%811 tokenNoYesGrand
Garrison BrewingTall ShipEnglish Pale Ale5.00%141 tokenNoYesGrand
Garrison BrewingRye & GingerRye IPA6.40%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Goat Locker Brewing Co.Fainting BockBock5.60%201 tokenNoYesGrand
Goat Locker Brewing Co.Pale Session BeerAmerican Pale Ale4.50%301 tokenNoYesGrand
Grand River BrewingHighballer PumpkinPumpkin Yam Beer5.20%01 token8 tokensNoGrand
Grand River BrewingRed Tail AleAmerican Red Ale5.20%101 token8 tokensNoGrand
Brouwerij HuygheDelirium RedFruit Beer8.00%101 tokenNoNoGrand
Brouwerij HuygheDelirium TremensBelgian Strong Golden Ale8.50%261 tokenNoNoGrand
Brouwerij HuygheLa GuilloteineBelgian Strong Golden Ale8.50%01 tokenNoNoGrand
Les Trois MousquetairesCeci N'est Pas Une GueuzeGueuze5.50%82 tokens22 tokensNoGrand
Les Trois MousquetairesSaison BrettSaison7.00%351 tokenNoNoGrand
LindemansOld Kriek Cuvee ReneLambic Kriek6.50%02 tokensNoNoGrand
LindemansFramboiseLambic2.50%121 tokenNoNoGrand
LindemansGueuzeGueuze5.00%01 tokenNoNoGrand
LindemansCassisFruit Lambic3.50%01 tokenNoNoGrand
LindemansPommeFruit Lambic4.00%121 tokenNoNoGrand
Mill Street St. John's Brew PubOrganicPale Lager4.20%111 tokenNoYesGrand
Mill Street St. John's Brew PubWest Coast Style IPAAmerican IPA6.60%821 tokenNoYesGrand
Mill Street St. John's Brew PubSeasonalTBDTBDTBD1 tokenNoNoGrand
Mill Street St. John's Brew PubSpecialty CaskHopfenweissTBDTBD1 tokenNoNoGrand
Brouwerij De MolenBinkie Claws = Doggie ClawsAmerican Barleywine13.40%02 tokens11 tokensNoGrand
Muskoka BreweryDetourIndia Session Ale4.30%381 tokenNoYesGrand
Muskoka BreweryHarvest AleEnglish IPA7.00%501 tokenNoNoGrand
Muskoka BreweryCraft LagerPale Lager4.80%131 tokenNoYesGrand
Muskoka BreweryMoonlight Kettle Genuwine BlondeBlonde Ale4.50%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Muskoka BrewerySeasons ChangeSaison7.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
O'Hara's BreweryIrish StoutIrish Dry Stout4.30%401 token8 tokensNoGrand
O'Hara's BreweryIrish RedIrish Red Ale4.30%251 token8 tokensNoGrand
O'Hara's BreweryLeann FollinIrish Dry Stout6.00%451 token8 tokensNoGrand
Oud BeerselOude Geuze Vanderleven 135 yearsGeuze6.50%0TBDTBDNoGrand
Oud BeerselOud Beersel MegablendGeuze7.00%0TBDTBDNoGrand
PEI Brewing Co.1772 IPAAmerican IPA6.50%551 tokenNoYesGrand
PEI Brewing Co.Blueberry AleFruit Beer4.50%121 tokenNoYesGrand
PEI Brewing Co.Iron Bridge Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale5.30%361 tokenNoYesGrand
PEI Brewing Co.Island Red AleAmerican Amber5.00%311 tokenNoYesGrand
PEI Brewing Co.Sir John A's Honey WheatAmerican Pale Wheat4.50%151 tokenNoYesGrand
PEI Brewing Co.Vic Park Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.00%401 tokenNoYesGrand
Port Rexton BrewingT-Rex PorterAmerican Porter5.90%191 tokenNoNoGrand
Port Rexton BrewingBig Cod Mountain RidgeSaison5.00%191 tokenNoNoGrand
Port Rexton BrewingMixed OpportunitySaison6.50%231 tokenNoNoGrand
Purity Brewing Co.Pure UBUEnglish Bitter4.50%0TBDTBDYesGrand
Quidi Vidi BrewingIcebergAmerican Light Lager4.50%41 tokenNoYesGrand
Quidi Vidi BrewingLight LagerAmerican Light Lager4.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Quidi Vidi BrewingEric'sCream Ale5.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Quidi Vidi Brewing1892Traditional Ale5.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Quidi Vidi BrewingBritish IPAEnglish IPA5.70%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Quidi Vidi BrewingWinter AleWinter Ale6.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Quidi Vidi BrewingHoney BrownAmerican Brown Ale5.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Samuel AdamsUtopiasOld Ale27%0NoNoNoUtopias Tasting
Sawdust City Brewing CompanyBitter Beauty Imperial IPA7.50%901 tokenNoNoGrand
Sawdust City Brewing CompanySagemehl StadtMarzen5.00%301 tokenNoYesGrand
Sawdust City Brewing CompanySkinny Dippin' StoutOatmeal Stout5.50%351 tokenNoNoGrand
Spindrift BrewingCoastal LagerMärzen5.00%301 tokenNoYesGrand
Spindrift BrewingKillickSession Lager4.70%161 tokenNoYesGrand
Spindrift BrewingKnotty BuoyGerman Pilsner4.80%201 tokenNoYesGrand
Spindrift BrewingAbyssSchwarzbier4.80%251 tokenNoYesGrand
St. AmbroiseBaltic PorterBaltic Porter8.50%421 tokenNoYesGrand
StieglStiegl LagerHelles Lager5.00%01 token8 tokensYesGrand
Storm BrewingRaspberry WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Ale5.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Storm BrewingNewfoundland RedIrish Red Ale5.50%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Storm BrewingIsland Gold AleGolden Ale5.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Storm BrewingCoffee PorterPorter5.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
Thornbury VillageDam Dark LagerDunkel Munich Lager4.8%151 tokenNoNoGrand
Thornbury VillageHeritage 1833 LagerHelles Lager4.8%201 tokenNoYesGrand
Thornbury VillageLadder Run Amber LagerVienna Lager4.8%251 tokenNoYesGrand
Thornbury VillagePickup No. 26 PilsnerCzech Pilsner4.8%401 tokenNoNoGrand
Thornbury VillagePremium Apple CiderCider5.3%01 tokenNoNoGrand
ThwaitesCrafty Dan 13 GunsAmerican IPA5.50%431 tokenNoYesGrand
Trou Du DiableAldredSaison4.50%0NoNoNoLuncheon
Trou Du DiableDulcis SuccubusSour Ale7.00%0NoNoNoLuncheon
Trou Du DiableImperatriceRussian Imperial Stout10.00%0NoNoNoLuncheon
Trou Du DiableLord BarlowEnglish Mild Ale9.50%0NoNoNoLuncheon
Trou Du DiableLa MelliferaSaison5.00%0NoNoNoLuncheon
Trou Du DiableZe Blene No. 6Sour AleTBDTBD2 tokens24 tokensNoGrand, Luncheon
Trou Du DiableLa PitouneGerman Pilsner5.00%35NoNoNoLuncheon
Trou Du DiablePunkRauchRauchbier6.00%25NoNoNoLuncheon
Trou Du DiableSaint MauriceSaison5.70%0NoNoNoLuncheon
Trou Du DiableShawinigan HandshakeWeizenbock6.50%421 tokenNoYesGrand
Trou Du DiableZe BleneSour Ale6.00%01 tokenNoNoGrand
Trou Du DiableSMaSH CitraAmerican IPA6.50%01 tokenNoNoGrand
Trou Du DiableLa MorsureAmerican IPA6.50%771 token10 tokensNoGrand
Brouwerij VerhaegheDuchesse de BourgogneFlanders Red Ale6.20%111 tokenNoNoGrand
White Pony MicrobreweryThe OracleEnglish Barleywine10.70%252 tokens10 tokensNoGrand
White Pony MicrobreweryStrongest Than EverAmerican Barleywine15.10%502 tokens10 tokensNoGrand
White Pony MicrobrewerySour The SystemLambic Style Sour Ale6.50%02 tokens28 tokensNoGrand
White Pony MicrobreweryTroubles We LoveFlanders Red Ale6.50%02 tokens25 tokensNoGrand
YellowBelly BreweryFighting Irish RedIrish Red Ale5.50%01 tokenNoYesGrand
YellowBelly BrewerySt. John's StoutIrish Dry Stout4.70%01 token9 tokensYesGrand
YellowBelly BreweryWexford Wheat AleAmerican Pale Wheat Ale5.00%01 tokenNoYesGrand
YellowBelly BreweryYellowBelly Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale4.50%01 tokenNoYesGrand
YellowBelly BreweryYellowBelly Seasonal---1 tokenNoYesGrand


  • The NLC column identifies beer available at the NLC after the Craft Beer Attraction tastings (beer will be returned to Topsail Road NLC store on September 24).